1. kushkomikss:

    Go, look, š! #18 contributor Theo Ellsworth sells more woodcuts on etsy.

  2. anachoretique:

    Chevalier de Beauves Taucherhelm, ca. 1715.

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  3. raw-vision:

    French artist Fleury Joseph Crépin began drawing when he was in his sixties, inspired by his guardian angels http://ift.tt/1kziX7G

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  4. Another panel from the wordless Hello Kitty comic I drew. Waving at a Gnome in a crystal cavern!

  5. I got asked to draw a 3 page, wordless Hello Kitty comic for a book celebrating her 40th birthday. It was fun.

  6. Ghost doctor.

  7. The Understanding Monster, book two. Out so soon!

  8. anachoretique:

    Irving Penn     Two Thin Women, New Guinea      1970

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  9. Daria Tessler

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  10. alexhchung:

    God by Jack Kirby

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