2. spaceexp:

    Narrowband image of the Helix Nebula

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  3. wormyorchids:

    tommi musturi

  4. transparentoctopus:

    Penelope by Leonora Carrington, staged by Alejandro Jodorowsky

  5. transparentoctopus:

    Kovave priests, Papua, New Guinea

  6. thebristolboard:

    Happy 97th birthday to the King!

    Original presentation piece by Jack Kirby (pencils) and Mike Royer (inks), circa 1978, which was part of a series of designs Kirby created for a film adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s science-fiction novel, The Lord of Light

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  7. anachoretique:

    Ashik Kerib

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  9. 70sscifiart:

    Happy Birthday to Jack ‘King’ Kirby. All hail!

  10. dinerdreams:

    James Edward Deeds Jr.

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