1. anachoretique:

    Africa | Bakuba Warrior. Belgian Congo. ca. 1959 | ©H Philips

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  2. knowbysight:

    James Ensor

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  3. tenreiro:

    Image from my short film Moshanyana.
    Back to work after a great summer.

  4. wonderful-strange:

    Have Space Suit - Will Travel by Robert Heinlein

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  5. nemfrog:

    Embryonic stages of a bat, a gibbon and a human. Ernst Haeckel. 1905.

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  7. anachoretique:

    Making everything a mystery, Polixeni Papapetrou

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  8. Sean Christensen abt!

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  9. Something I drew, then forgot about, then found again.

  10. victoriafication:

    Edward Gorey. 

    Typical tea time. 

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